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Pork farms in Missouri:

pastured pork,
natural pork, sausage, bacon
also pigglets & farm visits

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 Angel Acres Farm natural, pastured Berkshire pork (various cuts/half/whole) (85mi W of St.Louis) BlandMO    
 Hinkebein Hills Farm II natural pork, sauages, cured meats, custom-cut option Cape GirardeauMO    
 Jones Heritage Farms natural Berkshire pork, various cuts, sausage, bacon JacksonMO    
 Greenwood Farms natural pastured pork NewburgMO    
 Wolfe Mountain Farms natural pasture-raised pork OldFieldMO    
 Benne's Best Meat pork (fed antibiotics/hormone-free feed) Saint CharlesMO    
 Goswick Farms natural, free range pork (half/whole) from Berkshire crossed pigs (15mi S of Joplin & delivery) SenecaMO    
 Five Ponds Farm Red Wattle hogs ThomasvilleMO    
other farms: