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Pork farms in Connecticut:

pastured pork,
natural pork, sausage, bacon
also pigglets & farm visits

   Connecticut farms list your pork here!
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 Beech Tree Ranch  preorder pork for Sep (veggie/grain/milk fed 7-months-old pigs) half/whole Bloomfield CT    
 The Hickories pastured pork (pork ribs, roasts, smoked ham, ground pork) RidgefieldCT    
 Woodbridge Farm free range heritage pork (organic feed), sauages SalemCT    
 Footsteps Farm natural pastured pork, Tamworth hogs StoningtonCT    
 Terra Firma Farm organic free-range pork, sauage StoningtonCT    
 Studio Farm pastured pork VoluntownCT    
other farms:    Massachusetts pork